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Wifi zine throwies shielded in self-made cases and charging in the sun. Photo from Solarpunk Workshop at FHNW in Basel last fall.


A cursor pack inspired by fruit flies.

role: concept, research, development, creation, illustration, animation

A fruitfly in an idle state.
A fruitfly in a winged state.
A fruitfly in a standing state.
A fruitfly in a flying state.

I imported this image (protected by the CC-NC license) into GIMP and made adjustments to it to turn it into a matching set of 4 cursors.

I use the .xmc files on a x11 system, but the directory also contains .gif and .cur files for different systems and requirements. I use the idle state for the "default", "arrow" and "left_ptr" cursors, the winged state for the "hand", "pointer", "grab" and "openhand" cursors, the flying state for the "move", "dnd" and "grabbing" cursors, and the standing state for the "text" cursor.

This project is published under the CC4r license.