A brick arch found in Berlin earlier this month

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Goodbye for now!
[ source: @caraesten on twitter ]
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To wrap up the year, an excerpt from Ukeles' 1969 Manifesto for Maintanence Art.
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Restaurant in Bchamoun, Lebanon (source: @uglybldgs)
Excited to finally be going live with AOB; a digital archive I collaborated on with Ilja Schamlé for Arjuna Neuman. https://archiveofbelonging.org/
I've been working on a call menu to send love letters <3
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Some of the carpets that were made today during the ethercalc tour at DEN.
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An ascii drawing, courtesy of david-benque on https://3rd.obfuscationworkshop.org/hangout.
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Queer Desire is Wild; I am a Deer (2014) - Nilbar Güreş
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The platform for the 3rd Workshop on Obfuscation is online! (3rd.obfuscationworkshop.org/)
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Illustration by Robert Beatty
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Last night, I gave a tour of Ethercalc in Ethercalc and it crashed at around 100 users. At least it didn't go down quietly!
A cute badge I found in my old screenshots [source unknown].