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Wifi zine throwies shielded in self-made cases and charging in the sun. Photo from Solarpunk Workshop at FHNW in Basel last fall.


ChattyPub is a design tool in the making – leveraging a chat interface (Zulip) to apply styles and formats to the content of a publication. The tool is activated and further developed through workshops. The workshops explore, in a practical manner how a process of co-designing a publication unfolds, specifically when several people are designing at the same time using a chat interface. Through workshops H&D tried to open up the process of making this tool, and explores together with participants its possibilities and limitations and build community around it coming-into-being.

role: concept, research, development, technical setup, workshop facilitation, documentation, maintenance

Chattypub was first tested during the H&D Summer Academy 2021, later presented and tried out at GfZK Dig-it and was used to design the Network Imaginaries Publication book

Chattypub at GFZK Leipzig's DigIt in August 2021
Chattypub at the Bergen Art Book Fair in April 2022